Does it Cost Money to Sell on Ebay?

what to sell and what NOT to sell on ebay
Does it cost to sell on ebayDoes it cost money to sell on Ebay? That’s a good question. There’s good news and bad news. 

First the bad news:
It does cost money to sell on Ebay. For a single product, the fees are not that high. Once you start selling more and more items, the fees will add up. However, the fees are a small percentage of what you sell your item for.

The good news:
You don’t need to pay anything up front. You just list your item and ebay keeps track of the fees and you pay monthly. I have Ebay automatically deduct the monthly fee directly out of my bank account and i don’t even see the fees. They do however email me a statement each month. 

Ebay Fees

Before you get overwhelmed with the list of fees below, know that most of these fees you won’t have to pay. The only fees you need to worry about to start selling are insertion fees and final value fees.Ebay is always sending me messages informing me of sales like “no insertion fees for the first 50 auctions” and other deals. So you have that to look forward to.

If your item doesn’t sell there is no final value fee.

So how much does it cost to sell on ebay? That depends on what you’re selling and how much it sells for.

There are image fees but the first image is always free (if you dont want to pay for additional images, you could host the images yourself and save some pennies). You can also upgrade to a bold heading and/or a sub-title and there are additional fees for those. If you list your item in a second category your fees will double. Again, you don’t have to worry about those features if you are just starting out.

Here’s a list of the fees:

  • There are Insertion fees for auction-style format listings
  • Final value fees for auction-style format listings
  • Insertion fees for fixed price format listings
  • Final value fees for fixed price format listings
  • Business and Industrial equipment fees
  • Optional feature fees
  • Reserve price fees
  • Buy It Now fees
  • Listing upgrade fees
  • eBay picture hosting fees
  • Seller tool fees
It seems like a lot of fees but like i mentioned earlier, most of those fees won’t apply to you and your auction.

So does it cost money to sell on Ebay? The answer is yes. The fees are small but they do add up. So don’t get carried away with additional features like bold headings, reserve prices and sub-titles unless you truly believe it will help your auction.

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