What to Sell on Ebay


what-to-sell-on-ebay-imageI found a great resource for not only finding what to sell on Ebay, but  also all the top secret ebay tips and tricks ever compiled in one place.

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People tend to over-complicate the selling process of eBay, but the truth is that high school kids, housewives and even grandparents are earning money on eBay. And not just a few dollars every once in a while, but thousands of dollars a week.

Learn what to sell on ebay – and what NOT to sell

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Tom explains:

  • simple mistakes to avoid that just about every seller makes, and not just new sellers but even eBay veterans.
  • What to do before you even consider listing an item
  • the benefits of eBays ‘hidden’ registration link
  • what types of products to sell – and not to sell
  • Track down obscure products no one is selling, but people are searching for

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Learn about:

  • A listing feature you should never use
  • When and when not to use listing upgrades
  • Whether you should sell lots of low-value items or a few high-value ones
  • When to list as auction and when to use buy it now
  • Write descriptions that sell
  • Mistakes to avoid when writing auction titles
  • Make your auction stand out to buyers
  • What day to list, what time to list and when to end your auctions.
  • 13 secrets to use eBay to drive traffic to your website.

Learn what you are doing wrong that’s costing you money every time you list a product.
Tom has sneaky little secrets for every aspect of running an eBay auction, from deciding what to sell to the shipping process. In fact, Tom teaches you how to get someone to package and ship products for you without you even paying them!

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Learn about a loop-hole in eBays search engine that can send you new bidders.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg of eBay tips tricks and tactics.

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What to Sell on Ebay for Fun & Profit

what-to-sell-on-ebay-imageDeciding what to sell on ebay can be as simple as looking around the house or cleaning out the attic. After you’ve rummaged around the garage or sold all of your old movies and out dated DVD players, you may want to take selling on ebay a little more seriously.

Selling online can be a welcome form of additional income or become a full time job. If you’d like to make a steady go of being an online trader, you need to find an abundance of products to sell. What and how you decide to sell may depend on how much money you can invest.

If you don’t have a lot of money to start with, you can start small. There are a lot of good things to sell on Ebay if you know where to look. Spend a couple of weekends going to  yard sales and flea markets. You can buy items for a few dollars and sell them for much more, if you know what type of items will sell well. After a while you will develop a good sense of what will sell, but until then: research.

If you have a big enough budget, you may want to consider buying large quantities of products at a discount. While many people get excited about becoming rich selling on ebay and they buy all sorts of products, a lot of those people end up with room full of useless products they can’t sell. While visiting yard sales you will find many of these sellers trying to recoup their losses.

Regardless of how you go about finding what to sell on ebay, the most important thing you can do that wont cost you any money is research. knowing if an item will sell before you buy it is essential in being successful on ebay. You could chance it, and in some cases you will have to, but you’re better of knowing in advance if a product will sell.

You can research products many ways depending on what you are considering selling. If you want to sell new products, check warehouses and superstores to see what kind of items you can buy in bulk. Finding online wholesale companies can be an asset, just make sure you research the company to be sure they are legit.

Be sure to check online to see if these items are selling and for what prices.

When checking ebay to see if an item is selling, always check “completed listings” to see what the item actually sells for. It doesn’t matter what people list an item at if it doesn’t sell. Some people list items extremely high and other people see the prices and assume the item is worth that dollar figure.

One thing I like to do when finding what to sell on ebay is browse through ebay categories i usually wouldn’t look through. This may give me ideas i normally wouldn’t think of, or i may notice products selling really well and remember i can get my hands on some cheap.

Finding What to Sell on Ebay used to be Easy

When i first started selling online, I was obviously a beginner at it, but i  didn’t have to think too hard about what to sell on Ebay.  As a newbie, I wasn’t thinking of becoming a Powerseller (i don’t think the term existed back then), just about what i had lying around the house.

I was sure just about anything would sell, and it usually did.

i was excited at the idea of a marketplace where the customers already existed and those same customers were searching for the products I would be selling. That meant absolutely no advertising. Just list an item, watch the bids pile up and collect all that money.  I was a little naive, but having an additional source of income was always welcome.

Deciding what to sell on ebay was a lot easier back then as it was a relatively new marketplace and it was like people were addicted to the bidding process. There was also a lot less competition back then than there is now. Today, everyone and their brothers are selling on Ebay as well as all the small to mid-sized companies where their brothers used to shop. Those larger companies can afford to sell higher volumes and at lower prices than the average seller.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be successful on Ebay today as many people are and many more people will be.

One of the first items i sold successfully was a pair of old salt and pepper shakers i had found for a dollar at a yard sale. I purchased the shakers without knowing the value, but they certainly looked collectible to me. I looked at completed listings for the same items on ebay and found a couple of listings, both sold for over $12. I listed them for five dollars in an auction style listing and they sold for over forty dollars. I was happy with that auction.

When i did some quick research on ebay for the same salt and pepper shakers just recently, i found many of the same and similar items listed at different prices. Some with very low starting prices and some with extremely high starting prices, both with no bids at all. Very few with bids over a couple of dollars.

The same thing happened with old postcards. I use to be able to find them at flea markets and garage sales really cheap and turn around and sell them on ebay for a nice profit. Today, years later i don’t have any luck at all selling them.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to find items to move successfully. There are still many old collectible items as well as new products to list for a profit. Today it’s just a bit harder to find what to sell on Ebay without doing a little extra searching.